We are excited to announce our sponsors for the 2020 Fantastic Arts Conference. Without them, the conference wouldn't be the same. We are proud to associate with these fine companies and use their products!

Rosemary and Co Brusheshttps://www.rosemaryandco.com/
The best brushes out there! I love the huge variety of brushes they make and also the longevity of them. We will have a selection of brushes on hand for you to see first hand and also purchase

Sentient Academyhttps://www.sentientacademy.com/
Our partner for the first-ever FAC conference. Sentient is bringing along several of their artists to do demos for free for the FAC attendees. These are world-class artists and will bring great variety and depth to the event. Sentient will also be filming many of the demos and helping with the production of the event. Sentient Academy is the most affordable online art training I have come across, especially considering the lineup of artists (and growing) that they present.

Strada Easels are designed by artists for working in the field and studio. Built out of rugged and durable aluminum, their easels will keep going when others get smashed in luggage or blown over in the wind. Compact, convenient and light-weight. These are the best there is for a portable painting kit.

Gamblin is a great company creates some of the premier art materials available today. A huge range of pigments are available as well as their much used Gamsol solvent, Gamvar varnish, and painting mediums. Thank you for your support and commitment to making top-level art supplies!

Masterworks Frameshttps://www.masterworksframes.com/
Maybe the premier custom framer and they are located in Utah just 10 minutes from the conference. Affordable and finely crafted frames. They can be found in museums and on the artwork of the top painters working today. Their frames will help sell your artwork. They are a great company and full of some of the best people I know.

Fantasy Art Workshop's Illustration Intensivehttp://www.fantasyartworkshop.com/workshop/ii2020/
While the Fantastic Arts Conference provides a ton of content, sometimes you want hands-on instruction while you are working on your painting. This workshop is for you. Created by Jeff Miracola and Silvia Acevedo, you will spend a week onsite painting all day and into the night. Rooms and meals are provided for and you will come away with new friendships and tons of knowledge from the great range of instructors.

Ampersand makes the nearly ubiquitous range of artists' panels like Gessobord, Claybord, Encausticbord and more. Their products are uniform in their quality and appearance. The tools you use matter when it comes to presentation and longevity and Ampersand does a great job of elevating your work.

Artist Corner https://artistcornerdistribution.com/index.html
This store is the best art store in Utah Valley and just a great store all around. They were eager to jump in and support the conference because they believe in the same core principle that we do, that the rising tide lifts all boats. Well stocked with a great range of products and brands, this is the place to go for excellent prices and materials.

Havenlight Fine Art Publishinghttps://havenlight.com/
Havenlight is the premier publisher of fine art prints and products in Utah and the surrounding region. They continue to innovate with their capture quality, prints, and range of products they offer. Thank you, Havenlight for raising the bar with your printing and framing!